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Preschooler’s Progress

We provide 2 Preschool rooms, which cater for tamariki aged 3-4 years and 4-5 years of age. Our programme supports the preparation of young tamariki  entering school, ensuring they are independent, capable and confident learners. Our philosophy and curriculum are based on the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki, where whānau, community and holistic development are key. Te Whāriki’s principles, goals and learning outcomes prioritise the tamaiti and place emphasis on respectful, reciprocal and responsive relationships. Your tamaiti’s progress is recorded in profile books that are made up of their individual work and learning stories about your tamaiti’s current interests and learning journey.

Preschooler’s key learning development

  • Build on your tamaiti’s interests and abilities

  • Learn and experience new things

  • Problem-solving and decision-making

  • Early numeracy skills

  • Early phonics and literacy

  • Social interaction

  • Help tamariki be ready for school and do better when they get there