The Benefits Of Community Orientated Childcare In Auckland

The Benefits Of Community Orientated Childcare In Auckland

When you are deciding what the best choices are for your tamaiti for childcare in Auckland, there can be an overwhelming number of factors that come into play. You’re undoubtedly thinking about their individual needs and considering your whānau situation.

You may find yourself realising that a sense of communal support and engagement rises to the top of your priority list, or it could be that the basis of learning becomes the deciding factor. Whichever is your priority, we know that at Remarkable Kids there is a special approach to caring for your child that truly makes a difference.

In this blog, we’ll share with you the wonderful advantages of choosing a learning environment that caters to more than just education and childcare. We invest in the inner growth and holistic well-being of our children.

Why You Should Choose Child Centred Learning That Embraces Community

Childcare should be able to provide your tamaiti with a nuanced and well-rounded experience that encourages growth and understanding in multiple areas, including physical, mental and social skills. Here are the advantages of choosing the right early learning centre:

  • Children develop their natural curiosity about their world and build confidence as they discover new things.
  • Children can be better prepared for their journey into school or kura and build their relationships within the community.
  • Happy and well-developed children create a beneficially strong bond within the whānau and wider community.
  • Children can engage with others (both young and old) and experience learning through interaction, communication and empathy.
  • Tamariki are encouraged to become lifelong learners who gain knowledge and experience in various ways, from tactile exposure to philosophical musing.
  • Children develop the ability to address and manage challenges better and gain resilience to see things through ‒both through encouragement and modelling as well as simply offering the child a space in which to learn naturally at their own pace.

The Remarkable Kids Difference

We have a true passion for creating an environment that is child-led and community-centric, and we would love to hear from you about your childcare needs. Remarkable Kids may be the perfect choice of childcare in Auckland for your family. Give us a call on 09 218 5858 or fill in our convenient online contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.