children playing grass

Toddler Time

We provide 2 Toddler Rooms which specifically cater for tamariki aged 2-3 years. Toddlers are eager to learn, and their brains are hungry for new and exciting challenges. To support this busy time, our environment encourages toddler’s brain development through free-play, and a mixture of both fun and educational experiences.

There is a healthy blend of one-on-one teacher time, individual play and group play, with games, talking, singing, story-time and more. We teach our toddlers how to communicate, be empathetic, take turns and be kind, all while ensuring we set limits and boundaries, encourage positive behaviour and are always there for support and love. We will give you valuable feedback on your toddler’s progress after each day.

Toddler’s key learning development

  1. Language, communication and social interaction

  2. Problem-solving and decision-making

  3. Responsibility

  4. Motor skills, like catching and balancing