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Remarkable Kids strongly believe that the early years are the most important for growing and learning.

Our kaiako are dedicated to forming nurturing relationships with our tamariki, while building respectful relationships with whānau that are based on open communication and trust. Every tamaitiand member of their whānau are welcomed, treated with respect, given equitable access to learning opportunities and have their culture, identity and language recognised and valued. We work in close partnership with parents and whānau as we strongly believe we are on a collaborative journey together to care for, and educate your tamaiti(ren). We have an open door policy so that all families feel welcomed at any time, and can communicate with our kaiako to ensure tamariki excel and develop to their fullest potential. We are committed to the unique bicultural heritage of Aotearoa, New Zealand and our founding document, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and we use this to guide our bicultural practice. Te Reo and Tikanga Māori are respected and woven throughout our daily rituals and learning experiences. We appreciate, treasure and celebrate different values and traditions within our diverse community.

Remarkable Kids also strives to inspire tamariki to become life-long learners who will contribute actively and positively to the global community and wider society. All of this helps build the foundations for outstanding citizens of the next generation.

A healthy balance of play and academic learning

Through free play we encourage and develop a passion for learning. Experiences that are provided are carefully thought about and planned in a way that provides for all the varying levels of a tamaiti’s play and learning.

We provide experiences that promote problem solving, team work, and gaining a better understanding of the world around us. We support them to develop their own ideas and test their theories out as a means of gaining even more understanding.

Tamariki are encouraged to work independently as well as in small groups which promotes discovery and a desire to grow and learn. The balance of play and academic learning sets tamariki up for successful future learning.

The value of being Bicultural

At Remarkable Kids, we acknowledge the biculturalism that is inherent to Aotearoa through the implementation of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Research suggests that young tamariki do not judge an individual’s personality and abilities based on their race or culture. In order to foster tolerance in a diverse society, tamariki need to develop cultural competence.

Cultural competence is the ability to understand, effectively interact, and communicate with people from diverse cultures. One of the best ways for tamariki to learn and develop a sense of cultural competence is amongst other tamariki  at a childcare centre.

One of the most wonderful things about the Remarkable Kids is that tamariki play and interact with other tamariki from many different cultures and nationalities. Here, you’ll find a mix of cultures. Through this, tamariki  learn that cultural diversity is the norm within their community. Remarkable Kids grow up during their early years being used to others from all walks of life, and this sets them up to be tolerant, understanding, beautiful human beings.